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    Apr 19, 2016
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    I purchased a straight run of 4 Ayam Cemani chicks just under a month ago. Everything is looking great. Black everything...skin, combs, legs, toes, beaks, mouths, feathers. One for sure rooster starting to develop a nice tail with a good sheen. However, despite them all being hatched together and purchased by me at the same time, one of the four is significantly smaller than the other three. Probably a third the size. I purchased six bantams of various breeds at the exact same time and the one Ayam I'm concerned about is roughly the same size and progressing at roughly the same rate as the bantams. We had to move her (I assume but not 100% certain yet) in with the bantams because her three "friends" weren't letting her eat.

    So here's the question and I'm hoping someone has the answer. Ayam Cemani bantam...is this even possible? I've searched and searched and searched and can't seem to find an answer anywhere. My understanding is that all four came from the same breeding pair. Is it possible that one is just a runt and is going to stay that way? I think the breeder grew tired of my incessant questions and stopped responding to my texts, which has me a little suspect but that's ok. She gave me enough documentation on the front end to give me confidence that they are the real deal.

    I've been raising chickens for going on 4 years now but am new to owning the Ayam Cemani breed. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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