Ayam Cemani The All Black Chicken. Day old chicks


Feb 4, 2008
Archie, MO
Ayam Cemani Straight run chicks. I ordered a couple dozen eggs I will be hatching out around the 4th of October. I’m only keeping a couple and will be selling the rest. These are $50 each. Original stock is a mix of FLF and GFF lines that are on their 5th season ongoing project of keeping only the best breeders to weed out the genes that have the mulberry color- non or less expression of the fibromelanistic gene that can cause mulberry colored bleed through instead of solid black appearance. We are near Archie, MO. Shipping if needed is $75 for express mail which includes usps insurance, growgel plus food, and a 72 hr heat pack.

Fascinating chickens... even the organs and bones are black. FLF sales their day old chicks for $79 to $100 each. So these are a very good price at $50 each.


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