Ayam Cemani x Hmong Fibro Rooster [So Cal]

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    -Below are some photos- IMG_5670.JPG IMG_5669.JPG

    IMG_5637.JPG IMG_5663.JPG
    IMG_5650.JPG IMG_5651.JPG IMG_5646.JPG
    Above: His Hmong Father IMG_4959.JPG
    Above: Left is the Mother, one of her daughters on the Right

    One of our lovely black-skinned roosters is looking for a new flock! He's old enough now to challenge our other two roos so it is time for him to fly our coop and find a new family to call his own. He is approaching 6 months old (he hatched early March). His father is a beautiful Birchen Hmong from Fibro Farms and his mother a quality Ayam Cemani from a breeder in Del Mar who's stock is from Greenfire Farms. He has excellent fibro expression and a bit of the silver-gold accents from his father. He has a very Hmong style body but is a little smaller due to his Ayam side. So far he has been more friendly than your typical Hmong as he'll let me get close and even pick him up from time to time. Overall a wonderful bird.

    We're offering him for $15 to anyone within driving range! Message me at (760) 622-5913 with any questions.

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    I will consider trades and offers! c:

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    That a really good price for him. I was thinking about getting him for a replacement of my 8 years old rooster. As the driving range, I travel from Central to North and South Cal to find a trio, pair, or single wether it's rooster or hen. As I travel 50 mile north, I found a white yellow saddle rooster. Then, I travel 50 mile southeast and found a black ayam cemani hen. Bougth them in and cross with my full blooded hmong hen. As 2019, they are my new breeding lines of ayam cemani and hmong.


    Here's the 2019 breeding flock. Also will add in a mosiac hen with them soon.

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