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John Oneill

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Sep 30, 2017
I am very interested in buying two to four Ayam Cemani chicks...
Are they a nice breed that would get along with my Batnum Easter Eggers and my Buff rocks....
Or am I kidding myself and should just be happy with the current flock.

Thanks ,
I only keep chickens as pets and always keep a mixed flock. (hens only, no roosters) I see no problem with what you want to do. Always kept LF and bantams including Seramas together. If they grow up together there is no issues. There are always exceptions. Even if they don't grow up together, they will get accustomed to each other. There is always a pecking order in every flock. Don't expect your chickens to get along flawlessly and sit around singing Cum Ba Ya. If there is sufficient places for your lower pecking order chickens to hide and escape, then your problems should be minimal. Overcrowding, is a major problem maker. If you do not have overcrowding issues, then all is good. I do want to get a Ayam or a Swat hona myself. Problem is, peeps want an arm and a leg and a promise of internal organ transplant for them around me. I just like them for the ornamental value. I could settle for one with, less than all black, defects.
Here is an old pix of my mixed flock that have all gone to the other side naturally.
WISHING YOU BEST... :highfive:
I have 4 of them and they seem very nice to me. They get along fine with other chickens. Mine are a little flighty, despite being raised with a lot of handling. They aren't at all aggressive though and don't have bullying tendencies. I'm a little torn about them because they're beautiful but they aren't known for being prolific egg layers. They haven't started laying yet though, so we'll see!
If your only ask is for an ornamental black bird with a green sheen in sunlight you might consider Black Sumatra as well. The pullets are very even tempered, but there is a pecinkg order to be respected with the breed. Sumatra aren't melanistic they should have yellow soles on their feet, face is gypsie(black) as well. If you want to give a roo a try they have beautiful tails.

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