B/B/S, Cuckoo and White Silkie eggs - 1 dozen +

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  1. Up for auction is a dozen + extras silkie eggs. In the B/B/S pen there is a gorgeous splash roo, a lovely coal black cockerel and a blue cockerel (crowing but not certain that he is breeding yet). There are 5 beautiful coal black pullets/hens and 4 splash pullets/hens. In the second pen is a nice black hen with a cuckoo roo. She generally lays 5 eggs per week. In the third pen is a lovely white pair. This hen also lays about 5 eggs per week. All my silkies are, at minimum, breeder quality and many are ones that I will be showing this fall. They are between 8 and 12 months old and the youngest girls have just started laying within the last month. I check at least one egg every 2-3 days and at this time ALL of them have a nice blastoderm showing great fertility.

    The eggs will be collected from all three pens and shipped at soon as I have a dozen + a few extras. For those of you living in frigid areas that are concerned about frozen eggs, I have a few styrofoam lined shippers that I can send eggs in if you wish. Just let me know and I'll use one instead of a priority box. I can ship a medium flat rate box for $10.00 and the styrofoam line shipper will be the same price. Shipping is priority and I will email you the tracking number as soon as I print the shipping label. I individually wrap each egg in bubble wrap and use packing peanuts. So far, I've never had a broken egg in any of my shipments (that statement probably doomed the next shipment [​IMG] )

    Paypal only. Thanks so much for your bids. We have waited a long time for these birds to grow up and start breeding and laying. I've been very selective and will be adding only high quality birds to this flock over the next few months. Our silkies are true bantams. I've seen some silkies that are pretty large...what I would consider almost LF...but these are not. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions! [​IMG]

    This is one of my pullets in my grow-out pen. She's a looker, isn't she. She is 4 months old...got a ways to go before she starts laying. I hope to show her when she matures.



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    are you goignt o the lake city show? will you have eggs for sale then? Thjansk
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    I would be interested in trading eggs, if you would like. I have some nice quality bearded silkies. I have an all white pen, a black pen with blue,blacks, and silver hens and blue roos. Lots of mine have vaulted skulls. I have more than a dozen already, and my hubby would think I'm crazy ordering more eggs, but I like getting new bloodlines each year (at least new roos)I also raise belgium porcelain d'uccles,and seramas.
    you have nice looking silkies, too.
  4. I PM'd you mbrobbin...
  5. Quote:Hey there...

    Yes I'll be at the show and I could bring 1 or 2 dozen with me...that is, if they keep laying well. With this cold snap I'm afraid they are going to slow down. [​IMG] More and more of the pullets are laying now, so I'm thinking that I'll have some to bring.

    I continue to break at least 1 egg every 2-3 days to be sure of fertility.

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