B/B/S Jersey Giant eggs (should be 10-12 by end of auction)


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Sep 25, 2007
Big, gorgeous birds! I've got a blue roo with splash and black pullets. I've had several 90%+ hatch rates with shipped eggs thus far this year. I can't guarantee how many eggs there will be in the shipment, because the girls are beginning to slow down laying, but there should be a minimun of 8.

Eggs to be shipped Tuesday; PayPal only, I must receive payment prior to shipping.

PM with any questions.


They are first-year layers, and they're laying medium to large sized eggs now; getting a bit larger all the time.

I've sold lots of these eggs off my website for $40 per dozen, and hadn't intended on selling any more this year...but they're still laying well, so thought what the heck - I'll put some out for cheap!

CHECK IT OUT - One of my Jerseys is famous!!!

LOL Poyo, I give up
I already have eggs in my bator anyways, I would have had to purchase another. I'm sure Wynette will have more sometime in the future, even at full price. Enjoy, hope you get a great hatch!
Sorry Carrie~I have to have them!
I'm sure she'll have more, but we're not done yet.
I just bought another incubator, so I'm dying to try it out.

Thanks for the Good Wishes!!!
I'm actually not sure if I'll be doing another auction...they girls are laying very inconsistently right now. If they continue to lay, I may do another, but if not, I won't be doing one until the spring.
Hey, Holly! Was wondering how you're doing - sounds great! Looking forward to your hatch - good hatching vibes coming your way!

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