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    This is a project pen combining Ameraucana and Easter Eggers

    Rooster #1: Granite is a black and white EE w/ rusty red highlights; hatched from a blue egg.
    Rooster #2: Snowy is a pure white Ameraucana; he should produce blue eggs

    Hen #1 : a whitish base with flecks of black and rusty red; an every day layer of lg pink eggs.
    Hen #2: a solid black hen Ameraucana, lays a pretty blue egg everyday.
    Hen #3: a black barred hen, EE type that lays a large pink egg every day.

    I will send large pink eggs, and blue eggs. The resulting pullets from this pen should produce mostly blue, some blue-green eggs and maybe pinks.. A very pretty combination.


    $12 for 12+ eggs plus $16 shipping and confirmation #. Please pay using Paypal; no echecks plz.

    I pack very well. However due to handling by the USPS and incubation methods, I cannot guarantee hatching rate. Customers so far are reporting good hatching rates for shipped eggs, and I have hatched these eggs with very good results. Happy hatching.

    Please send a PM to BIN. :) Melissa
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