B rock hen might have gotten Tylan 50 down her windpipe

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  1. ladyearth

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    Nov 23, 2013
    Hubby was giving 3 of the girls Tylan 50.. He hates giving it cause they struggle so..
    two of them have been wheezing for a while and occ sneezing. no runy nose or eyes etc that I can tell....the two are almost 2 yr old... I wanted to give the Tylan 5 twice a day. But lucky to talk Hubby into giving it ONCE a day
    unfortunately he was using a 3ml syringe... he didnt know we still had some 2ml. size left. the tip is so bulkier and shorter on the 3ml. so he said ,its harder to get it to the side of their throat. we have already used the large amt we had of the 1/2 ml syringes ones
    well i believe some of the .06ml dosage went down her pipe. cause she sneezed more and seemed to uhm more and breathing thru her mouth and rattling more. i asked hubby to hold her slighlly down maybe she would cough it up for a minute. then we put her back on the roost and I hurried to look at my new "chicken Health Handbook"by Gail Damerow..
    But the author didnt even have "aspiration " or" choking "listed in the index... what a disappointment. in this new BOOK.... she only mentioned windpipe with pic of giving orally medicine..
    so I got on here and saw that not much we can do fo her.. Ive gone out there 3 times tonight and checked on her.. she still struggling some breathing loudly somewhat...
    I didnt know but Hubby put some Vet RX on her tonight too..
    Please dont even mention VETs.. none around here to see them.. if are too far to travel
    It not as cold tonight as it has been.. the snow we had is melting. I plugged in their wall hung K and H hard plastic pet heated pad...
    I just hope we dont lose her...
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    Apr 3, 2011
    southern Ohio
    She may be fine with some rest. The amount of 0.6 ml shouldn't kill her, but just like us when water goes down the wrong way, it can make up cough and choke for a bit. If I give medicine orally, I will pull done the wattles or chin feathers, squirt in a few drops, release the wattles for them to swallow, and repeat until finished. That probably is 1/8 ml at a time. It is better to give it twice a day if possible. Good luck.

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