B/SQ Bantam Cochin Cockerels Buff & Barred from Tom Roebuck pu SEPA

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    Great Bantam Cochins in Buff directly from Master Breeder Tom Roebuck (Golden Feather Farm). Good clean Buff, nice color, good cushions. PU SEPA 19475, which is one hour from Philly, hour and half from Harrisburg and just outside Morgantown, PA Birds are @7m healthy and from a disease free flock.
    Birds are current on Mareks and ITB as they were going to be shown. Great opportunity for someone, just have too many Cockerels. See also auction for Columbians for instant Buff Columbian project. Free Barred Cockerels also from Tom and Free Black Frizzle avail as well.

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    Do you ship?

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