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    I received this as a PM but I'll post it out where the experts can also answer. I'm not sure what "ria" is.

    I have over 50 chickens, black and red sex links, black australorps, ria,white leghoorn,barred rock,delaware, and mixed hens. I have pr , black australorp, and delaware roo. I'm interested in different colored chickens. I want to cross ba roo to some of my hens to get multi colored off spring. any suggestions Thanks

    If you cross a BA roo with about anything, you are going to get a black chick in the first generation. It is quite possible you will get some leakage, especially with the roos and most likely in the hackle area but other areas of leakage are possible. The exception to this is barring. If you cross the BA roo with a barred hen, you will get a black sex link, where the roo offspring is barred and the hen is solid black. Again, leakage of other colors in either the hen or roo is possible. The barred hens in your mix are the BR and the Delaware.

    I personally like the BA as a winter layer and to produce meat. I find that the BA pullets when butchered have more of a fat pad in the pelvic region than the other breeds I've raised (SS, Delaware, and BO) which is a bit of a drawback when butchering them but the roosters are OK. I'm working to get BA bloodlines in my mix of mutts.

    If you want multicolored chickens with BA heritage, you can breed your BA rooster with the sex links (especially red sex links), leghorns, Delaware, and mixed hens, then breed this offspring to each other. I'd also throw in some offspring from the Delaware and Partridge Rock roos to get more colors and patterns in the mix. I would want some "red" in the mix for a variety of colors. By crossing mutts, you will almost certainly get a variety of patterns unless barring is dominant. The first generation offspring of purebred chickens is very predictable, but when you cross the resulting mutts, you can get a tremendous variety of colors and patterns.

    To answer your quest, other than barring, I do not know of anything you can cross a BA roo with to get multicolored chickens in the first generation. However, in the second generation, there are a tremendous number of possibilities.

    Hope this helps a bit.
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    Not even close to knowing anything...............but maybe ria is a typo and they ment RIR [​IMG]

    They need some blue or splash in their flock [​IMG] (says she who dreams in blue [​IMG] )
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    Thanks, My typing is terrible. (ria) and pr) are rhode island red, I have 1 RIR roo and 3 hens. Thanks guys/gals

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