BA, SS, and BO for Silkie or SG chicks/eggs (NJ)

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    Apr 9, 2007
    I've got 2 Buff Orp Roos and 1 Black Australorp and a Speckled Sussex Roo to sell or trade. I'm in NJ near the PA border...They were all hatched by me last summer, so they are about 8 months old. They are big, beautiful, have shiny feathers, no fighting yet, yes crowing lots, and have shown they are interested in the hens. [​IMG]
    I'm willing to trade them for chicks and eggs if you live close enough to pick him up.
    Please let me know. I'm open to other offers too; not just SGs and Silkies. I love frizzled Cochins, and the white and blue/splash colors. I love Sumatras and Sultans and need them both now too.

    Thanks- I can post or send pics of them if desired.
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