BA x RIR = sex-link?


13 Years
Sep 9, 2010
Saint Paul, MN
Hi all,

I have a friend whose broody hen just hatched a little black chick, and we're wondering if it's a sex-link. There are two possibilities for the mother: a barred rock and an australorp, the roo is RIR. I know that BRxRIR = black sex-link, but what about BAxRIR?

I agree, the Barred Rock is essential for a black sexlink (its where they get the gender linked spot on their head from). Whatever you get though will be a great laying bird!
Just to clarify, when you list a cross, list the male parent first, ie a rir x br is a sex link cross. However, a br x rir is NOT a sex link cross.

So, it could be a black sex-link hen, or it could be a rir x australorp and color will not indicate gender. Have to wait and see!
Thanks for the insights
Chicken genetics is so interesting!

So.... would I be right to assume that if the chick starts getting barred, it will definitely be male, but solid black could be either sex?

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