babe, babe I'm sick and tired of the word babe!!!! (rant)


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Sep 29, 2009
South Africa
Okay so today my mom and I went shopping and a young couple, maybe in their 20's are like nothing I've seen before.
If the lady says something it's like this "Babe, did you see that ---- babe?" then he would answer to her "Yeah my babe that wicked babe." Then when they finally get to the cashier, he say's to his companion "babe" but the cashier thinks he is talking to her. Her eyes looked like they were going to pop. When the cashier asks him if he wants to pay straight or debit he answers her, "Sure, babe." We were right behind them in the line and every sentence has the word babe in it. Please don't take me wrong I don't have a problem with people talking to each other like that. But sheesh, I wouldn't be able to hold out a day with that couple. Anybody else having theses recent babe waves?
Yes (
) I once dated a guy who said that to me all the time-
I. CAN'T. STAND. PET. NAMES!! I hate it when other couples use them, and my DH rarely ever uses one with me nor I him. The occasional (and occasional means rarely) hon or something, but nothing else.

I really don't know why. I can't pinpoint anything that makes pet names like finger nails on a chalkboard for me. I'm sure there is something.

Babe is one that drives me nuts. Calling your significant other babe is fine, but every woman you meet is not your babe and crosses the line. It's disrespectful.

OK, I'm done now.

I didn't have the "babe" thing, but took my dil to the OB doctor once, and every couple that sat down at my end of the room had a bf that was with them that had either just gotten out of jail, was going to jail, or had a bracelet on with permission to go to the doctor's appt. with his "old lady." One of them said he was getting ready to go to jail, but it was just for nine months, piece of cake. EXCUSE me, piece of cake? Another couple was setting there and she evidently had just been told she needed to come up with some cash for the bill, and her fella leaned over and said, "well, dad told me he is getting money back for my sister's bond, so he is going to give us that to use." I thought another guy was going to smack his lady because she threw trash and missed and told him to pick it up. The look he gave her would have melted ice cubes, and he raised a hand to her. Thought I was going to have to get in on that one. . .Ain't life grand . . .
I'd rather be called Babe than "hon." That just makes me CRAZY!!!! And it's usually someone's gramma calling me "hon."

"Run, gramma, run! The brownhaired lady looks CRAZY!!!!"
Babe, Hun, Darling, they are all used in this house but rarely in public.
DH has a nickname for me that he uses exclusively at home. I posted it once here on BYC, ain't gonna do it again.
I have a dear friend who calls me hun, but it's a pet name not for public....and a bit regional. My dad's family often used "sugar" as a pet name. My dad used to call me that all the time....I hated it!
If I was the cashier, I don't think I could have stayed silent. She's not his babe. That is really rude.

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