Babe, we will just get 4.... he lied. Lol

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  1. Rae Scott

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    Feb 26, 2017
    Northeast Ohio
    So fiance and i were having a hard time finding all the chicks/pullet breeds we we said, we will just order 4 and do the MMM to help someone in need since we both believe in giving back, sounds simple right?

    Well this morning my adorable fiance decides to look at Meyers Hatchery website and sees the ONE breed we want is available after all. I told him they have a 15 chick minimum til the 31st and after that its 3 min. So whats he do? Convinces me to order the one breed i was dreaming for and to get 2 others we had NEVER intended to get! So now when we build our coop it will be at max capacity....with 7 chickens that we have to figure out how to brood and care for properly u til they can lay. Batch one arrives in late may and btach 3 arrives in late july. Now for the questions

    1, can they all just go in the same dang brooder since their all from meyers?
    2 did we do good picking out breeds? We live in NE ohio we got

    BSMF Blue Splash Marans Female
    LAOF Lavender Orpington Female
    SFAF Salmon Faverolle Female
    Easter Egger Female
    BLAF Black Australorp Female
    BUOF Buff Orpington Female
    MMMF Meyer Meal Maker

    3 Did i just get myself i to a mess of trouble having so many come at such a spread?
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    Feb 15, 2017
    1 yess
    2 yes
    3 no
    Good Luck
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  3. Rae Scott

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    Feb 26, 2017
    Northeast Ohio
    Thank you! I wanted the LO he fell in love with the looks of the Marans and Faverolle and insisted we had to have those two instead of an Olive Egger.[​IMG]

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