Babies sad...murdered chickens


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May 29, 2011
I am so sad to have lost my 5 chickens to some predator
I had to leave my 3 Chanteclercs and 2 reds with my husband and sons while I went to help out in a family emergency and they did not heed my warning of do not leave the coop door open past dusk. They did and all five were murdered
. Sooooo, now I have 3 new chickens. One is a Chanteclerc (that is the breed I really wanted) and a Buff Orpington and a Light Brown Leghorn. Does anyone know anything about these breeds? Or have experience with them? I may be able to get some blacks (I'm not sure what) after the local fair. Any information is welcome. Thank you in advance.
I'm so sorry for what happened.

I have a Buff Orpington and well..... SHE'S THE SWEETEST THING EVER!!!
You'll LOVE orpingtons!
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If a brown leghorn is anything like a white leghorn they are flighty......GREAT egglayers....flighty....don't eat much.....flighty aaaaaaand....flighty.

If you haven't gotten it yet they are slighty flighty.
Oh, so sorry about your loss. We have White Rocks, which are very sweet and sturdy girls. We also have the Black Sexlinks, which are sweet and are egg laying machines. Good luck with your newbies.

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