babies are roosting!


9 Years
May 21, 2010
Otis, Oregon ~ Chicken People Since 5/10
My 5 week old Australorps are roosting like pros! A couple even sleep roosted! Pretty impressive (~well, I'm impressed)!
They have had a wooden sort of "house" in their brooder since we got them, which gave them a cool zone from the heat lamp, and provided a space to "hide out" when they were afraid (ie, when I vacuum).
When I felt their space was too cramped, I flipped it over, as it is hollow inside, provided an edge all the way round, and they flapped their way on top of it, and all learned how to roost at about 3 weeks. Since then, they have gotten so big I had to take the upside-down roosty-house out, but my husband came to the rescue when he found 2 pieces of wood screwed together, the bottom one wider than the top is tall, and now they have a new roost that doesn't take up any of the "roadway" they need to move about freely.
I will have to take some pics of these extrordinarily gifted chooks, sleeping atop their little roost- head tucked under wing, sleeping like a big-girl bird! So proud...

Bright Blessings!

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