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  1. My 2 white frizzles had a fair dinkum blood drawing fight, does this mean they are roosters? My other two frizzles, one has a bigger comb than the other, so does this mean I only got one hen out of four? I wanted to post pictures, but I couldn't find anywhere to do this.
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    We can't say if it is a hen or a rooster without seeing a picture. The way you post a picture is by clicking the landscape on the bar when your writing. Then you click upload files.
  3. [​IMG]
    When I first posted this question I couldn't find the photo bar, but here they are now.
  4. [​IMG]
    I did the same chicken twice in the last post, this one has a rose comb
  5. Wyandottes7

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    How old are they? I would say that the white one and the second bird are possibly roosters, while the last one is definitely a hen.
  6. They are about 10 weeks old.
  7. I got a big shock when I walked in and the two white ones were fighting, they had blood all over their faces. These were my cuddly babies who all love to snuggle up to each other, and sit on my lap. I was hoping they were all girls.
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    x2 Thegrey one looks very much like a girl as i cnat see any wattles yet but that maybe the angle she looking. Nice birds by the way though! :) Love the last one
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    The last one looks like your only pullet to me. Sorry...
  10. donrae

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    At only 10 weeks, I agree the brown bird pictured last is your only pullet. It's quite rare for birds of this age to fight that severely, though, even males housed together. How much space do they have? My first thought is it's from overcrowding, not a gender issue.

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