Babies first night in coop with older chicks


Apr 9, 2011
I have four 9-week old chicks that have been in the coop for about a month. I have two babies that are 6 weeks old that have been in the brooder in the garage. The two groups of chicks have been free-ranging together during the day. Although I wouldn't say they have really integrated, basically my 9-week old roo pecks the younger ones, so the little ones simply avoid the bigger ones in the yard. Well, today I put them all in the coop for some supervised time and again...they just avoid each other. The roo still pecked at the little ones, but then just goes up on the roost and ignores them. So tonight, I am biting the bullet and putting them all in the coop for the night. I stayed outside for like an hour listening for any sounds of hoping for the best!
I will be so glad when the new pecking order is established and I can finally say that I have one flock of chickens
*takes notes on integrating two sets of chicks* lol. Im waiting on Dominiques from the local chick dealer i use. Theyll be newly hatched so Ill have to keep them separate from the older ones for a while till they get bigger. This is all new to me so Im hoping itll work out well.
I kept my chicks whit in eye sight of the older ones the whole BR pullet gives Peck once in a while but nothing big, still have to bring the young ones in at night ( still cold at night) every morning they all get together.
OK....I've already checked on them twice. The older ones are sleeping on one side and the babies are standing over in the opposite corner....looking very nervous.....they have their own food, water and heat source (it is still cold at night)....I am trying not to worry about them too much.....
Well....everyone made it through the night
When I opened up the coop door this morning, the babies were in another corner....different from the corner they were huddled in last I guess they did move in the night. The older ones are now outside for the day and the babies are still in the coop eating like they are starving. Glad to see they still have an appetite after what was probably a LONG night for them.

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