Babies first night in their new coop - and I'm so worried!


8 Years
May 16, 2011
Brisbane, Australia
The silly thing is, I'm not worried they might be too cold, but worried they might be too hot! LOL

Last night it only got down to 91 indoors (probably a bit cooler outside) and since the brooder was getting way too hot for them I've moved them early into the new coop, hoping the more "open" night air will be a bit cooler. It's 8pm here and I've just checked on them and they're sleeping next to each other (although not huddled) and looking quite content.

It's too early (Lacey is such a slow developer that at 3 and a bit weeks she still only has wings, not even a tail!) but they seem to be doing ok. I just know I'm going to be traipsing off down the yard every hour or so until I go to bed just to make sure they're OK.



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10:30 at night and it's down to 82. :) I just checked on the babies and they were sleeping happily and didn't even peep when I shone the torch in there.
lol last night was the first night for mine outside. i was worried about them being too cold. so after checking on them several times they are doing great so far this morning.
Doesn't it make you wonder how the heck they got up so high? It looks like you have a marvelous set up for them. It was in the single digits maybe 8 degrees F here in the Colorado mountains last night and I'm about to go deliver a warm breakfast and hope everyone is OK.
I went through the same thing when I put my babies outside for the first night. They all took care of each other and are so happy out there. Deb
I go through the same thing every batch of birds. So far everyone's always been okay. Your birds are adorable
LOL you sound like me with all the animals! :) Unfortunately though, I live in the city and now wish I would've bought my house on the outskirts so I could have as many animals as I want! :) (I kinda do now anyway) but I am looking into raising a couple of chickens... I wish I could, but I have read horror stories about my city and the permit for that... UGH!

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