Babies growing up


Jan 11, 2018
Magee, Mississippi
My Coop
My Coop
These are three of the ones that I have hatched out that I kept for my boys and nephew. They are growing up fast. They were hatched on March 7th.
They look great and healthy.
Do you take them out and let them run around? have they met the KC yet? I think KC right?
Not yet I have not and yes KC is correct if you mean khaki Campbell’s. They have seen the oldest ducks walking around my yard. They do get out and play with my boys and their rabbits in a small temp pen that we move around.
I bet they are curious about those big ducks.

Do you have any in the bator now?
I do I have 12 that we’re developing out of 32 I put in. They were probably mostly eggs over 10 days. I did not keep up with which were laid when and could only put 32 out of 38 eggs I had in it. So I probably put mostly old eggs in but I am doing it different now.
You must have a good group of people interested in ducklings there.

I love the sounds of nature in your video. Spring have a good start there already?
We've had tiny tastes of it then get hit with snow and cold again.

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