babies in SE Minnesota

Firefighter Chick

8 Years
May 8, 2011
Southeast Minnesota
After I butcher some of my excess flock this month, hopefully, I am looking for some booted and/or top hat varieties. (or muffed, I am pretty open to ideas) Probably just a few to integrate in my near-laying BO flock. Also, I will be starting some broilers in the next month or so, so if you have some or want to go in on an order hit me up. thanks for looking! Also, if you have any good leads where to get any let me know.

Ole and Lena

8 Years
Jul 22, 2011
Wright Co Minnesota
I've got near-laying SL Wyandottes and Barred Rocks. Might be interested in trading for a couple BOs if I make it into your area on a hunting trip this fall just to mix up my flock a bit. They're free ranging and very healthy. Hatched around May 31.

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