Babies in their coop finally! 5 weeks old today

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    Well, last night was the first night in the coop for the girls. The coop is 10x10, and they just couldn't stop running all around with joy, I think - they'd been so crammed in that brooder box! So, 14 girls and (so far as I know) one boy had their first night in the big house last night!

    They had so much room! If you look close, all 15 of them are in this picture.

    Oh look! There's a spot on the wall! Peck it!


    Here they all are, you can see how big they'd grown. The freedom of the space was overwhelming for them, they would tear around each other, scattering the bedding everywhere - today they were much calmer about things. We've still got to build the roosts and nesting boxes, those things will come, but what they needed was space.

    We've secured the door with two twist hasps, and I used those locking D rings to close them - let's see a raccoon figure out how to unscrew that smooth nut! I hope we've made things secure enough for the run.
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    What wonderful new digs for your chicks. I know exactly how much fun they had .. mine did the same thing when they went out to the coop. Just wait until they get out into a run!! Mine still 'fly' all over the place they are so excited with all that space.
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