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    Feb 16, 2008
    We are sort of limited on space. We have the general yard and coop....where the one rooster and 20 hens are. We have a smaller cage where we usually place older chicks before they join general population, but that is currently being used by 2 broody hens who are due in the next few days. We currently have 4 six-week old chicks in a box in the house, but they are about to max out space wise and need more room. We took them out yesterday to the yard and the hens did okay- some tried to attack them, but some were protective. I am more afraid of the rooster...he already attacks our 2 silver-laced wyandottes to the point that they are terrified and spend most of the time in OUR yard or hiding in small corner of the hen house. (if we have successful hatches from the broody ones, we will be leaving though).

    So....would 6 wk olds be okay in with the general pop?

    And I am sure the mama's will not be happy to stay in the small cage once they have hatched, right? It has a 4x2 shelter and a 3x6 yard. Can I return them to the hen house with their chicks and trust the moms to protect and train the little ones? The fence is chain link so babies can fit there are gaps under the house so they could get under there too....but I assume they stay with mom until they are bigger.

    Thanks for any advice....I just don't want any of them to get hurt or whatnot....I need tips!
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    Ok it is too soon to put them with the flock yet. This is the method we follow:

    In the house with the lamp (or wherever you keep them) til about 8 weeks.

    Then outside keep them in a seperate brooder with the lamp visible but not accessible to the other birds. For about 4 more weeks.

    Then make a small opening in the brooder so they can get out but the bigger birds can't get in. This allows them shelter if they start getting picked on. Leave it open for about 2-4 weeks and then close it off and leave them with the bigger birds.

    We have done this three times and never failed once. Good Luck!

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