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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by teach1rusl, Jun 16, 2010.

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    Around 6:30 this evening, I heard my dog barking urgently and growling, and she kept charging toward our front fence. Someone had just driven down the gravel drive in a Gator, and I didn't see anything, so I thought maybe that's what it was. However, after looking closer, I saw something on the fence...maybe a squirrel??? I walked over, and saw that it was TWO baby raccoons clinging to the top of the fence...very young ones, maybe the size of 8-week old kittens. My chickens were out and about, and paid absolutely NO attention to them. I thought it odd that they'd be out in plain daylight. I think maybe they were exploring...??? Even though they were tiny, they were fierce little things when confronted, but were really terrified; one peed when we came over to it [​IMG] We pushed them off the fence (gently) with a push-broom, and they scurried off across the gravel drive into the wooded gulley nearby. Hopefully our nearest neighbors trash cans will provide all the food they need, so they (when they're bigger) won't be eyeballing my girls. I have no problem eliminating an animal attacking my pets, but won't kill one just because it "could" happen.
    From a distance...
    Up close...
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    Apr 29, 2010
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    Well, aren't they just little bits of badness!!!
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    Jun 6, 2010
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    I would have loaded them little suckers up and took them for a little ride. Sorry but they will be back.....
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    From the right angle you can get 2 with a single shot.
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    Cute little things. But sadly they will do what they need to do to survive and nature drives them to survive in the easiest possible manner which means that they'll be back some day.
  6. Oven Ready

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    May 9, 2010
    Aren't they so sweet. They must be trainable like a cat you'd think. Do they smell? (I mean small bad rather than sniff around)

    Nice of them to give you a warning for the near future - not many do !
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    Quote:No, they don't have a bad smell. I know some people have made pets of them if they've had them since they were tiny babies. But I like wild nature in the wild...some folks seem surprised when their wild "pets" revert back to their wild behaviors and instincts down the road (usually after someone has been bitten or attacked).

    Fnky - I don't really believe in relocating them, because then it affects someone else; For me it's live and let live until my own family (animals included) is affected, and then we would put one down as humanely as possible (bullet).
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    I think they were out on re-con...casing the joint. It's some sort of illicit masked bandit gang and the leaders drive a Gator, drop off the newbies to look cute and take pics, plant bugs and cameras...then they'll return once they have gotten all their intel gathered. Also, while you were watching the cuties and your dog was doing the same, I think there were others sneaking around the back...did you happen to notice anything missing from your
    Well, maybe they were just lost?
    I am afraid I totally agree with you on the live and let live, if possible. I understand they can do terrible things to our chickens (and birdfeeders, gardens, among other things), but until they have made the attempt (or were sadly successful) to cause damage I am not going to slaughter them for being alive. The fact that they have adapted too well to our encroachment in their territory seems to have painted a target on their beady little eyes. I 100% agree with killing them if they are a menace, threatening anyone, out in daylight (except for babies who are in the learning stage), or have caused damage, but to kill them because you can...not my cup of tea. I simply try my absolute hardest to keep my girls safe..if I'm not successful in that then how can I blame a wild creature that sees an easy meal?
  9. teach1rusl

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    Quote:[​IMG] The part about distracting us with their cuteness up front while Mom or Pop Coon snuck around the back is exactly what I joked to my husband about yesterday evening!!! LOL!!

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