Babies think they have babies??

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    Hi there,

    So my husband and I had a small flock (4 hens, 2RIRs and 2 Ameraucanas) a couple years ago. I just loved my girls, but had to move out of town and rehome them. Now, a few years later we are back to building our chicken family.

    We bought 2 RIRs and 2 Brahma babies around 3/11, and then bought 2 Ameraucanas about a week later. This past Friday we went and picked up 2 Silkie babies. Our RIRs and the Brahmas were significantly larger than the Ameraucanas and therefore I figured way to big to be in the same brooder with the new tiny babies (My Husband and I keep wondering if they actually gave us Bantams because they are so tiny). We kept the bigger 4 together and made a separate brooder for the Ameraucanas and the Silkies.

    At first the Ameraucans seemed to almost ignore the silkies or at least weren't particularly bothered by them. Then I noticed one of them (her name is Martina) seemed to take to the Silkies quite well. Now, a few days later, both Martina and Shania and really taken to the Silkie babies. They Silkies run around them, they snuggle up to them when they sleep and Martina and Shania seem to be quite protective of them! They eyeball me when I come by their box, if I sit there too long they come over to me and give me the side eye, sometimes they jump towards me, and they act very strange if I pick up a Silkie. If I take a chick out of sight they walk around stretched up tall trying to look out of the box.

    Is this normal?!?! It's like they are babies that think they have babies??

    It's very cute, but seems very weird.

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    I don't recall reading about such behaviour, but there you go. Who cares whether its normal or not - its cute! [​IMG]

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    Hey I had a 4-6 month pullet (not laying) raising 2 7 week pullets. I don't think it's crazy. They are flock animals after all

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