Rhymes with 'henn'
11 Years
Jun 14, 2008
South Puget Sound
We decided a while back to add a couple of chicks to our wee flock. To make a long story (and drive!!) short, we drove a total of 120 miles today to get our 2 girls.

Yes, it was nuts, but the local feed store didn't have what we wanted, and when we got to the other feed store, their shipment hadn't arrived. DBF had to return later in the day for our new girls, a BA, and a BO.

We also got 8 chicks for various friends, for a total of 10 babies.

Our 20-oz banty cochin, who we'd hoped might be amenable to raising the chicks...

...was not in agreement. She attacked the 1 chick to venture close enough, then attacked DBF's hand when he intervened. Good thing she weighs less than a soda you'd get at the movies!

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