Babies will be here soon!!


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Apr 4, 2012
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I am so excited and have been looking forward to June 8 or 9 for two months! That is how long I gave my husband to build a coop for me. He is almost done and I will post photos of the frame later and could use any suggestions for improvement.

Now it is just around the corner and I am making sure I have on hand most supplies I will need for babies. Since I don't think he will have the "brooder" area done in time. I am planning on using two plastic tubs to hold the chicks the first few weeks. That way I can keep them inside and at a constant temperature. It has been so hot down here in Georgia, I was kind of worried about keeping them outside with a heat lamp.

I have or will have soon... Shreaded paper for bedding, chick food, feeders and waters, thermometer, 250W heat light bulbs, two non-clamp heat lamps, a couple of books on chickens, a bottle of electrolytes.

What am I missing???

With it already being so warm I would make sure that you have a way to keep those high wattage bulbs as far away from the chicks as needed for the right temps. And remember, being near a window will provide a lot of heat too! Other than that I would say you are ready to go! Enjoy your babies!

A window... I had not thought of that to help control the heat. I had looked at temp controled heat lamps they make for piglets but the cost was too much.

I am looking forward to this new adventure. I have been suggesting we get chicks for a couple of years, and finally made the push. Now that I got my husband on board, he is looking forward to having chickens.

I started a meal worm batch about 2 months ago, wanted to give them a chance to reproduce before the chicks were ready for treats.

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