12 Years
Mar 17, 2008
Malabar, FL
I set 97 coturnix eggs. So far I think about 46 are out. Hard to count them, like counting ants. LOL There may be more coming, I hear a peep from the incubator. They hatched fast! 3am there was one, 3:45 there was about 30!

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Absolutely darling! I might suggest that the water dish be changed a bit. It seems that there is an awful lot of open water there. Quail chicks could get wet in between the rocks -- or get between the rocks and not know how to get out, especially if there are others crowded around.

It may just be the picture's perspective, though, making the rocks appear as big (or bigger) than the quail chicks.
Thanks. Ok, I will look for more (and smaller) rocks. It was dark at 3 am when they started hatching.

Is it ok to use one of them chick waterers that screw on a mason jar?

editted to add, about 20 more have hatched. There are 31 eggs still in the bator.
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Yes. Fill the tray mostly up with marbles or pebbles, though.

They do make quail sized waterers, too. TSC is about the only place where I live that carries them, though. They are a couple of bucks. I still fill the rim with marbles with those (I may be overcautious). Regular marbles won't fit in the quail waterer, though. You have to use the flat craft marbles for those and stand them on end.
I am up to 74 hatched! WOW! I set 97, so thats 76% hatch rate, and maybe more to come? I used the LG, I did get quail racks for the turner, but it is still air. I plan to install a computer fan per a friend's suggestion and instructions for my next hatch. I got these eggs from a kid at a flea market who had an ad on craigslist.

I think I have 5 A&M, 3 golden? (they are yellow with black stripes), and one reddish one with less prominent stripes, not sure what that is. The rest are jumbo browns.

I did get a water thing that fits a mason jar and put lots of rocks in the lip so there will be no problems.

This is so exciting!
Im so glad I have ya'll to share my excitement, and learn from!
Sorry to bother you guys...

How long do I leave the rocks in the water?

When do I give up on the remaining eggs? Tonight will be the beginning of day 19. All but 5 hatched within 7 hours. Them 5 were at hour 11 of when the first hatched. So there has been no activity in the bator since Wednesday around 2 pm...


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