baby aracauana chickies sulmet or no?help!!!!

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    I got six babies from feed store the man handed me sulmet told me to keep it in their water to keep them from getting sick also have medicated chick starter feed but was reading and found where sulmet is not a prevenitive only treatment for coccidious , which im clueless about I dont know ghe signs or symptoms of it if anyone can school me on what I need to do to keep these litte boogers alive well happy and healthy please do!!!! Much needed help here....sincerely new chick mum
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    If they are on medicated started you shouldn't have to add sulmet to their water as well. Medicated chick starter contains small amounts of Amprolium, which is a thiamine blocker that helps prevent coddiciosis. Here are some articles by our members on coccidiosis, how to prevent it, treat it, etc:

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    There are some good articles on raising chicks in the Learning Center as well, with tips on how to raise healthy, happy chicks:
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