Baby attacked by ants while hatching and now we moved the eggs

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Jun 6, 2010
I posted this in the emergency section and am waiting to hear back but I thought I would check here too, heres the story:

So I found an egg today with a bunch of ants coming out of the little hole he had started to hatch out of. I thought he was dead but then he started peeping so Ibroke him lose fromteh egg to get him away from the ants. He is alive and has raw skin spots where they must have been chewing on him, poor little guy. I cleaned him up and brought him inside, that was round 11 this morning. I took the other eggs in too because I was worried the same thing would happen. They are not in a tub with a heat lamp on them at about 99 degrees. His feathers are matted down and he is sscooting himself around and peeping and sleeping. But not walking at this point. I put some antibac (Furezone) on the scrapes.

So my question is, any advice? I know they need to hatch normally, so will he be able to walk at some point? Should I do be doing anything extra?? I have the eggs covered so they are warmer and put a wet paper towel next to them on plastic to try and keep the humdity up (its VERY humid outside right now but they are inside. I have turned the AC up to 78.

Any help is appreciated!


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