baby ayden went and saw his surgeon today

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    found out what went wrong when he got burned... doctor took the problem all the waty to the CEO of the hospital... the doctor wasnt in his normal OR and the heat sorce for the camera was brought in . the one that malfunctioned during surgery was 20 years old... they have since removed it from the hospital so no one else will get hurt from it. aparently the doctor raised a huge stink over it( we have over heard him yelling at insurance company for not paying for a sleep study test for a little boy who had severe sleep apnea) he doesnt put up with any crap. he is an expert at his field and writes articles that get published in the medical journal...

    Ayden will not have another surgery until after his first birthday... they have gotten is airway opened from 95 % blocked (doctor saved his life- if we kept him in beaumont he would have died)to 60% blocked... now we wait and see if it stays open or calapses... yesterday he was able to blow a snot bubble out of his nose ( gross we know but we are excited because it means he is able to move air thru his nose) ... we can also hear him make some noise when he coughs and if he cries really hard sometimes we can hear him(music to our ears) praying that his air way stays open.. if it colapses he will have major surgey when he is two.. they will have to remove some of his ribs to rebuild his trachea ( which we definately dont want him to have but we will so he can be a normal kid) ...

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    Ayden remains in our prayers. He really is quite the little fighter, isn't he!?!
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    [​IMG] Wow, what an ordeal to have to go through. Glad that his surgery has been successful.
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    More prayers!!

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    More, more and more prayers!!

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