Baby Bantam Polish Doesn’t Know How To Eat. Need Advise.


Nov 24, 2020
San Jose, Ca
we received our first 5 baby chicks 2 days ago. One is a white crested black polish hen. She isn‘t pecking at food or water yet. She drinks water when I dip her beak in it, and I’ve been providing save a chick water for her every few hours. Ive also offered her some raw yolk with a little water and sugar mixed in Which I couldn’t tell if she ate or not. She’s still alive so I assume she had some. I’d get it in the mouth but she never tilted her head up like she will with water. she was shipped last Monday as day olds. The issue seems to be she doesn’t ever peck at the ground, for food or water. The other chicks are but she wont even make the motion. I tried scrambled eggs and they ignored it. I try to put her in the food dish and she just peeps and doesn’t want anything to do with it. I’ve spread some starter feed on the paper towels and she just acts like it’s not there. She just won’t make the pecking motion.
Im at a loss as to how I should proceed. I’m nervous she won’t make it much longer with the lack of food. Any help is appreciated.


edit: please see pics on next page for more info.
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@Chookchicken shes warm and no pasty butt.

Its late now, I’ll see how she’s doing in the morning and will do some experimenting with her vision and see if I can see any reactions. I’ll follow up in the emergency section then With more details. Thanks for your support. The vision would explain it perfectly So tomorrow should be interesting.
I would think shed be pecking at the ground whether she could see or not. Hmm. I'm definitely curious now.

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