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    Hi! We bought 6 chicks yesterday from Rural King. They only had 4 of the breed we wanted left, but because they have a 6-chick min purchase I got 2 mystery bantams in with them.

    Last night, my husband and I were kept up all night by the two banties "begging" - the technical term for crying out for a mama - every 30 minutes. I have never had chicks do that before. Sure, they wake up and make noise, but this was so loud that my daughter was kept up downstairs by it. The only thing that makes it stop is when it is held in a nesting position, as if mama has her wing over it. Then the poor dears fall asleep immediately.

    I don't know if I feel comfortable putting them outside yet, introducing them to my hens. I have a Silkie and 2 Americaunas right now. The broody one passed away a week ago. What in the world do you guys recommend? We are so sleepless here!
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