Baby bird and parents?

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    Jul 27, 2014
    Hi! So last Friday i took my 2 week old lovebird out of the nesting box to hand fed. Hand feeding them was difficult at first but i'm getting better. They are doing great! Yesterday both of the parents escaped from there cage and found the chicks. So I tied there cage doors so they couldn't open it. Then today they some how got out again and I noticed that they were chewing paper and putting it with the chicks. I really don't know if this is okay for the parents to be doing this. I want my baby's to be hand tamed and I want to imprint on them. But I also want the parents to see the chicks sometimes. So can I let the parents see the chicks everyday or every once in a while? they haven't harmed the chicks in any way. I just don't want to have been wasting my time and not have the chicks hand tamed. Anything can help, thank you!
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    Co parenting is an option. The babies will be tame so long as you handle them.
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    May 2, 2015
    If the parent are helping that's great and as long as u touch them as baby's there fine I've hand feeded 15 love bird baby's
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    You don't have to hand feed the chicks to make them tame.

    Just handle them as much as you can once they leave the nest.. they tame really well in less than a week and its a lot easier and less time consuming than hand feeding them.. it also socialises them so they know they are birds, not humans....

    Many times hand reared birds develop behavioural problems, such as aggressions and trying to mate with peoples hands, because they think they are human.

    I have very tame birds.. that love to be petted and will give me kisses, etc.. and they are all parent reared.. lovebirds, budgies, doves and even some finches. Also none of them ever bite me.. and they don't feather pluck at all.

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