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well, found out today our baby is in the breech position. i will have a c section, so atleast i won't have all those hours of labor. how did your c section turn out? right now she weighs 6lbs 7oz and the ultra sound showed she does have hair already....
Ouch! Glad everything's ok otherwise. Mine was sideways breech until 37 weeks (head in my ribs, butt in one hip, feet in the other). You have my sympathy... but I got lucky. She turned most of the way a week later, doc did an external "version" and we had a normal birth. I've heard some friends say their c-section was a piece of cake, and they had a very easy recovery. Here's hoping yours will be one of those!
I'm sorry, that stinks! Best of luck to you and baby

my c-section was an emergency due to an umbilical chord around neck situation, not because my son was breech.... but either way.. c-sections are better initially, because they are quick and temporarily painless. But I'm sorry to say, afterwards, the healing process hurts... a lot. It's a major surgery, so make sure you have lots of help with the little one.

oh and another thing no one told me.... after the surgery you would be temporarily paralyzed for about an house or so.... weirdest feeling in the world... I remember sitting in recovery waiting till my arms would move so I could nurse!

Good luck!!
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I've had two c-sections. First was unplanned and hectic. The second was planned and calm. Both were very different in recovery also. First time, very sore and slow recovery. Second, asked to leave the hospital before 48 hrs. was up. Felt pretty good. So good in fact that I was up and at WalMart within a week. The anesthesiologist has alot to do with how you feel during the actual surgery. First time I felt nothing at all, second time I felt moderate pressure. But neither time was my arms numbed. I could actual reach over and touch my babies before I had to be closed up and they had to go the nursery to be cleaned up. My advise: ask lots of questions. The unknown is way scarier than being well informed.
Did they try and external version? Have you attempted to get the baby to flip on her own by elevating your pelvis above your head for 20 min several times a day? Sometimes that works as well at the external version.

When is the baby due?
Well, mine was breech and we planned a c for October 31st. On the night of the 30 I was laying on the couch and felt her turn, very weird. Went in for pre op ultrasound, sure enough baby in right possition, wait for 'normal' birth. The due date was november 3rd came and went. Went into labor on the 7th, they did a c section on the 9th. All went well, no numbness in my arms, I felt great afterward, the only real pain I had was that first standing up straight, which they made me do within the hour. No real pain, only took advil.
If you have an acupuncturist nearby, I would highly recommend getting accupuncture done to help the baby turn. I know several women who have had excellent results with that.

Good luck, and keep us updated!
My hubby's grandma passed away 5 years ago at the age of 88. Her last son was breech. When the doctor saw that he had them move her into a room by herself and be left alone to die. Somehow she gave birth all on her own. Thank God for medical advances.
baby is due july 10. c section is scheduled july 2nd. doc did not want to try the version method, said it didn't work well for first time jan i had a dermoid cyst 11 inches across removed on the right side. i had a 6-7 inch incision so they will go through the same old scar. i thought it was going to be painful, but had no pain medicine after the day of surgery and went home next day. doc wanted me to stay three more days, but i felt fine just sore.i think c section is best for both of us... thirty minutes of surgery versus unknown hrs of pushing? yeah right, and doc told me they don't let you have breech babies anymore. too dangerous. i don't want to risk her, she will be my one and only. i told dh a long time ago, i don't do anything the easy way. baby girl must take after me....

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