baby cake - chick starter block - bought at Blue Seal


10 Years
May 13, 2010
from Farmer's Helper- it cost almost $8 and won't make past a couple of days-
in looking at the thread that says suet is bad for chicks- the main ingredient is suet.

I stopped at agway & tsc for different feed cakes as well as a local farmer's exchange (may also be a blue seal ??) to find different cake that were bigger and maybe less expensive. My 26 girls will eat through it quick.

Can I get some advice on if I can use suet to make my own cakes and how do I do that? (Last week it was rainy and really chilly so I did use some suet blocks for wild birds they seem to all have come through fine.
I think it should be fed in moderation and mostly in winter. The high fat content is not good for them, but if its only fed occasionally as a treat it's fine. And in winter it is good for them to keep warm.
Im not sure about using the suet to make your own. Do you mean melt it and make your own suet cake?
My mom makes homemade suet for the wild birds, she just uses fat from cooking, and throws in seed we have and sometimes raisons or something. You could find suet cake recipes online if that is what you are asking about.

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