baby cereals ok??


9 Years
Jun 4, 2010
N. Ontario CANADA
I got some wheat and rice baby cereals left and I was about to throw them out....I wonder if these would be ok for the chickens and then I wonder if they are shoudl I feed dry or mix in warm water???
I would feed it to them. I don't think it matters wet or dry, but they may be able to eat it more easily if it was mixed with a little water.
Be sure it's not the kind of baby cereal with added iron. The chickens probably wouldn't be able to tolerate the amount of iron found in most baby cereals.
ohh that is good to know!!!!! so extra iron no but if listed as regular iron it will be ok?? I have three big boxes that I never opened for my son and they are still good till next summer
the front doesn't say with iron, but there is Iron in the nutritional index bar.....Since I am not sure maybe I should toss it?
I dunno Ema. I tend to be err on the side of caution when feeding my chickens. When in doubt about something, I don't feed it. Just MHO.
So long as it's not spoiled mix small to moderate amounts of it dry into their regular ration. They won't be getting enough of it at any one time for the additional iron to hurt them. They'd have to eat it straight for that.
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