Baby Chick (2 days old) clicking and laboured breathing - CURE possible Pneumonia

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    Feb 2, 2013
    Hi there,
    Just wanted to share a tip which we have found to be incredibly effected for those little chicks newly hatched that seem to be laboured in their breathing and making a clicking noise.

    As long as the chick is in the brooder, nice and fluffed up - we dip its beak every 2 hours into a small dish with pure Colloidal Silver in it. Make sure the chick has drunk some, dip its beak into some water and get it to drink some water too.

    We have found after a few days of doing this, most of the chicks have improved dramatically and really do recover. There are some chicks where the respiratory infection is too great and they succumb, but the ones that do survive are no different to other chicks when they grow up, so always good to try.

    Colloidal Silver comes in a spray bottle and is a brilliant antiseptic/antibiotic. It is safe to use in any animal or human. We always have some on hand and it has helped in loads of medical emergencies!!

    Hope it helps some of those sick chicks


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