Baby chick acting a bit different???

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8 Years
Mar 9, 2011
I picked up 8 baby chicks from Southern States on Tuesday evening (2 days ago). All are doing well, eating, drinking, and they don't seem to be picking on each other. I noticed last night that one - a Plymouth Rock - is starting to stand by herself and leans up agains the side of the brooder. She seems to sleep a bit longer than the others. None of the other chicks are picking on her, she eats, drinks, and sleeps. When the other chicks run around her, she'll wake up and move around with them, but then go back to the side of the brooder. She isn't chirping more or less than the others and is about the same size as the others.

I'm not sure if she is getting sick or is still dealing with the stress of being hatched, shipped, and moved. I'm playing around with the idea of putting her by herself under a warmer lamp to see if that helps - I just worry that if I do, it may stress her more.

I would almost say she was a bit 'autistic' if I had to apply a human behavior to her. Eyes are clear, no sneezing, no nasal discharge, and poop looks normal.

I'm looking for advice - one of my co-workers who also raises chickens says I should put her down because she may be sick and it could spread to the others. If that is the case then that is what I have to do, but if she is stressed and needs time, I'd hate to do that.

I'm not an expert, so I am speaking from my limited experience. I have a Barnevelder who is doing the same thing! She is 11 days old and is always sleeping off to the side of the brooder. When she is stepped on, she jumps up, goes and eats/drinks, mills around for a little while, and then goes back to sleep. I was worried at first, but now I am just assuming that some chickens need more sleep than others. Maybe it is like babies when they are going through a growth spurt! She is fine in every way, so I am leaving her alone. Good luck with your little chick!

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