Baby chick acting drunk?? Whats goin on with him?


9 Years
May 18, 2010
Semora NC - on the VA line
I had a chick hatch yesterday about 5pm and it seems to have a hard time getting around, its legs seem to be weak but they aren't splayed...The toes have a grip to them it just seems to have a hard time. Now this morning its able to stand up and seems pretty perky, but its stumbly a bit and walks backwards more than forwards.

Is this potentially something neurologically wrong, and should I just go ahead and cull, or should I give him another day with a hatchmate to try to get his bearings and fix himself? I'm going to give him alittle bit of vitamins and see if that may help him out some. I'd really hate to have to cull this chick, as its my first chick off my d'uccles.

so any ideas on what it is thats going on or advice? Thanks guys
I think after a day you will have a better idea of what to do. If he/she isn't eating and drinking on his/her own than the quality of life will be affected and you can decide to cull from there. Best of luck to you.
he is still very wobbly but is eating and drinking on his own. Still walks backwards more than forwards but it can walk forward.
I am going to fix him/her a small brooder to go with 2 other bantam chicks for company so as not to get trampled by the bigger group of bantams/standards that are the same age.
maybe its legs are on backwards. Hope it turns around. I'd vote with others and wait a few days to see how it develops and decide at that point.

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