Baby Chick Attacked By Dog


May 30, 2020
Today, I heard one of my chickens making a lot of noise, and it seemed really scared. It was so scared it literally jumped onto our roof! I ran to the sound, and my baby chicks were in the neighbor's yard! The neighbor's dog was holding a chick in its mouth! The mom had jumped away from their yard, but the babies couldn't. Turned out, our fence had holes in it that the chicks got through, and the mom must've flew over. Anyways, the chick was being held by its neck, and we think its nerve was damaged or something, because it was unable to walk. One of the legs seemed broken, but there were no bite marks, or anything signaling that the dog had even hurt the chick's leg. So, we suspected the nerve was damaged. When we put this chick down, she tries to walk, but mostly just hops, and falls, dragging her foot behind her. Does anybody know what could have happened? Was the nerve-damaged or the leg broken? Anything we can do to help?

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I am sorry that happened, one time my own dog didn't bite a chick but wanted to love it and licked it to death, it was a baby and died. she felt so bad, she didn't go near the rest of the babies.

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