baby chick born with a yellow blob coming out of its rectum

noni marion

6 Years
Mar 19, 2013
i found her pushed out from under momma hen...i put her under some warm lights and shes perking up...i just looked up prolapses and saw some photos on this site and this yellow mass doesn't look like those looks more like yolk material and i'm hoping someone knows what what to do in that event....she's only hours old and its night now so i'm not sure shell make it through the night ...but if she doesi need advise...i dont think i can cull!


8 Years
Jul 2, 2013
Together with the flock

From your description, it just sounds like your chick hatched out with some unabsorbed yolk. :) The yolk will eventually be absorbed (just like the reserve yolk inside chick after hatching) and will dry up and fall off the chick so no worries, she/he is not sick. Just make sure you keep the other chicks or chickens from pecking at it.
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