Baby chick can’t stand and “walks” on hocks


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Jan 22, 2021
Hi (again!),

I have a 5 day old rescue chick, who has been wobbly from when we got her (at a day old). She is still not standing to full height at all, and “walks” or scootches on her hocks the entire time. She often tips backwards and sits down fully to to eat. She hasn’t grown nearly as much as the other chick of the same age, although she seems to be eating and drinking fine. I started giving her some B vitamins yesterday.

I’ve also noticed that when I hold her her legs are quivering (not from being cold!), even though she likes being held.

Any advice appreciated! She doesn’t look to have splayed legs although they do look wider than the other chick.


5 Years
Aug 11, 2016
I know it's been a couple of days since you posted this, and things can change rapidly for very young birds. How is she doing now?

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