Baby chick cant talk after accidentally stepping on it ;(

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    I was outside with my 3 day old Cornish Cross chicks when I got up and accidentally stepped on a chick that was laying behind me! I didnt step on its head, just the right part of its thigh/lower body. I still feel so guilty ;(((. So I picked it up and it seemed dumbfounded and confused. It was just staring at me. I brought the chicks back to the brooder and put the chick down. It did not seem in any pain. It walked (staying very close to the ground) and went to the warmest part of the brooder. I picked it up again to inspect the side I stepped on, but noticed that it wouldn’t make any sound like the others when I would pick them up. I have been waiting and it still won’t make a sound. It is not opening its mouth like if it’s trying to. I offered it food and it ate but only wants to be by the lamp. I just noticed that it is shivering. It is not cold and the others seem completely fine with the heat. Does anyone know maybe why the chick is absolutely silent and wants to be by the heat?
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    Your chick is in shock. Monitor closely and ensure proper hydration and nutrition. Watch for decline. Ensure it does not become trampled by other chicks...separate if needed.
    A three day old is small enough that even a glancing blow/step to part of the body may have done significant damage to multiple areas/ systems.... likely internal injury
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    It might be in a bit of shock. Don’t feel bad, these things happen and it’s not your fault! :hugs If it were me I think I’d leave the chick alone for awhile and see how it goes. Good luck and remember chicks are tougher than we give them credit for! :jumpy

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