Baby chick can't walk


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Apr 14, 2015
Hi all! I have some 4-5 day old chicks that I incubated and hatched last week. They all seemed to be doing well until yesterday. I noticed one was unwilling or unable to stay awake much less stand or eat or drink. I've tried hand feeding yogurt and watering, but with no improvement, now today another chick is becoming increasingly sluggish. He still eats and drinks, but is quite unsteady. He still is responsive whereas the first chick may lift his head a bit but will not bother to open his eyes. Any thoughts experience or advice would be appreciated. Please and thanks
Sorry, you seem to have been neglected as far as responses.

Where do you have these chicks? How big a brooder? What are you using for heat? How warm is it? Are there cooler spaces for the chicks to get away from the heat source?

Are these chicks pooping? Do they seem to strain and not produce anything?

Two of the most common reasons for chicks taking a downturn is overheating and constipation, usually from dehydration.
Thank you! I didn't think to watch for constipation, but I will now. My remaining chicks seem to be doing very well. They are in the bottom half of a large dog kennel that I converted into a brooder. The temp at the light is about 95 degrees. They have plenty of water, and it's a large brooder so they do have places to get away from the lamp.

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