Baby Chick Dragging his Right Leg..

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    So here's my story:

    I have a cochin first time mommy sitting on eggs almost time for them to hatch. Three days ago, she decides to get off the eggs, yes they are Cold.

    I have my incubator ready and grabbed the eggs and throw them in. HOWEVER, on my way to bring them in the house, BOOM, I dropped them all. Four eggs all cracked. I put them in anyway, surprisingly,

    One of the eggs hatched out perfectly two days ago,

    The second and the third one working on it.

    The fourth one which was Cracked the absolute worst was struggling. I finally helped him half way out of his shell, he managed to do the rest but is dragging one leg. I had absolutely no hope for him, some say Cull him, some say there's not a whole lot you can do. So I figured I would try and help him.

    I made him a chair...I took the bottom part of a potpouri dish and covered it with a sock, I put two holes in the sock for his feet to go into, he's kind of in a hammick. His little toes can touch the bottom of the dish.

    I took two cups and flipped them upside down, and two pickle jar lids, one for his food and the other for water.

    In the water I put one Vitamin B complete tablet and let that melt away and gave him two drops of Polyvisol each day. He is NOT a big fan of Polyvisol without Iron. LOL

    Yesterday when I got home from work, the little guy had escaped from his chair.

    But SURPRISINGLY ENOUGH, he was walking on his bad leg, still a little wobbly but walking.

    I put him back in his chair and within an hour, he had escaped again. So we got rid of the chair, he is on his own which is good because now he is forced to use that leg.

    I tried to put some friends in there with him, he has NO interest. I guess in his mind this is HIS TURF.

    So he is all alone, but perfers it, first time I have ever had a baby chick who perfers to be alone. I did place a Three Legged Stuffed bunny in with him. He seems to like it since they have something in common. LOL

    I have also decided to name him Jack. Why Jack? Cracker Jack.. LOL...
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    What a great story! I Jack's leg continues to heal and that he grows up strong and healthy. You've given him the best chance possible.
  3. Lacrystol

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    Jun 13, 2009
    Diamond, Ohio
    He's doing Quite well. He's a strong determined little guy..

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