Baby Chick - eye is not in it's socket? What Can I Do? - Pics Attached

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  1. I have this baby chick 2 days old. The pics aren't real good I had to use a cell phone to take the pics. but you can get the general idea. His left eye is not in it's socket. He seems perfectly healthy other than that. He kind walks towards that side, i guess because he feels off balance.

    Is this something that will correct itself as he grows. Can I put some gentle pressure on the eye and try to get it in the socket?

    Has anyone ever seen this?



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    is the eye swollen? (sorry my pc is not showing the pictures well)
    if not and it is just the eye hanging out, you could try and gently pop the eye back in but id be worried that there is something under there, or bacteria getting behind the eye (causing infection), or the eye even popping if too much pressure is applied. has the eye been like this since hatching or something thats just appeared?
    if its been like that since birth i would think it is something that could not be corrected and would personally cull the bird.
    if it is the result of an injury id give it a chance, perhaps once the swelling has subsided the eye will be able to be put back in?
    sadly though i dont think it can be left long(as in wait and see) due to the chance of infection.
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  4. Quote:He hatched this way and hatched by himself. As far as I can see there is no swelling, just the eye did not find it's way into the hole it belongs in. Do you think a little pressure on the eye would help it go into the socket? He opens and closed the eye, he can see out of it and other than him being a little off balance seems to be perfectly healthy.

    I don't know much about the anatomy of chickens, but I would think that eye are pretty much the same with all animals and people. They belong in the socket.

    What if he loosed the eye, can we close the lid up and just let him live with one eye?
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    I have a special needs EE pullet with one eye and a crossed beak and she's doing fine. She walks in circles a lot, but as she gets more confident and comfortable in her surroundings, she's walking more in a straight line. She's able to get on the roosting poles and nest boxes fine. It took a little more patience, but she recognizes me and my voice. She's steadily venturing a little further from the coop, so long as can run to me and back the the coop a few times.
  6. Sorry to report that the baby died. [​IMG]
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    Quote:I'm really sorry. [​IMG] I suppose it was for the better, though... if the chick lives its life with one eye dangling from its skull, the other chickens would peck at it and either way he would be off-balanced and probably in pain. I hope the rest of your chickens are healthy, though.
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    I'm so sorry! It's so hard when you just want to fix them and can't find a way.[​IMG]
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    I'm really sorry about your chick.[​IMG]
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