Baby Chick has a severe cold!! HELP PLEASE! :(

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    Oct 13, 2011
    One of my two month old silkies has what I think it to be a cold. It has been sneezing a lot and has mucus all over his nostrils. I put him inside the house and kept him in a warm bed. However, when I woke up to check if he was doing fine, I noticed he couldn't open one of his eyes (entirely shut) and the other eye was covered up with "eye boogers". What can I do? What should I give him incase he has a cold or an infection? What do I do to his eye that won't open? Is that bad? [​IMG] PLEASE HELP! THIS IS MY FAVORITE BABY CHICK!!
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    Might be Corza. I would check it out on here or google it. If it is Corza its very contagious.
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    Have you brought in any new birds recently? You may consider calling your state lab or county extension agent to find out info on having this bird tested to see what it is carrying.

    You can treat his symptoms, but you are aware that most respiratory illnesses in poultry render the affected bird a carrier for life? The disease will then spread to any bird that has contact with this bird forevermore. "Colds" in poultry often end up as CRD (chronic respiratory disease), which means you will be treating him regularly for the symptoms of whatever he has for the remainder of his life. He will often be sick, and will require much more care and treatment than what a healthy bird would need. You need to consider this before you decide whether or not to treat.

    Tylan 50 and Denegard are the usual antibiotics used in treatment of respiratory illnesses. I can't tell you much about them because I have a zero tolerance policy on respiratory illnesses and do not treat birds with signs of them.

    Hopefully someone who knows more about this will chime in to help you out. Sorry for the situation you are in.
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    Quote:Get some Tylan 50 and either inject-or get solubleand add to its' water - Jeffers Livestock has some

    I would at least treat it first, then worry about where it came from later

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