baby chick hatching i do not have an incubator


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Nov 24, 2015
My chicken has hatched out one baby, a week ago.
I was getting ready to throw the other eggs out and I heard a chirp.
I did the water test the eggs seem developed.
one of them is starting to peck its way out, but very little progress, the mom is letting the egg get cold.

I don't know what to do?
The baby is not making much sound , I don't want to lose it :(
If worst comes help it out,i do it regullary on my quail if it looks like they wont, get out.Even murry macmurry,says don't help, but if it takes a while go ahead and help,if he doesnt get out he,ll die anyway.The heat lamp is a good idea,tractor and supply had lights with globes,you have to be careful about getting to close,heat light hooked on box will peg 100,get a therometer to regulate,if you plan to hatch more tes has,incubators for 44.00 tractor and supply,walmart.I break the shell with my fingernail. good luck
Baby is still alive, but seems very dry?
I am trying to keep it warm and moist..
Any suggestions?
Hows your little chick doing this morning?

Before I had incubators, I cobbled together a cardboard box lined in aluminum foil with a heat lamp above for warmth and a dish of water for humidity. It worked, but I did it enough times I just went ahead and bought a 'bator.

:fl your little one is still okay (and out of the egg by now)!
Baby is ok!
Healthy and eating!
It took a lot of time, work and patience, ,, but soooo worth it:)

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