Baby chick having a hard time (dried gunk)


9 Years
Dec 1, 2010
Shelton, Wa.
hatched out 24 chicks... the last one has dried stuff from the egg on 1 side, hindering his wing, foot and his eye is glued shut.... he's been that way all day.. he's really weak....... should i somehow clean the dried gunk off...... any advice is appreciated....
That usually happens if your humidity is really high at the end (probably from all of the previous chicks hatching and drying). I have had this happen to me. I get a warm cotton ball and just wipe the baby until the gunk is gone. Put him back in the incubator until he's relatively dry and he should be ok after that.
Hope everything works out ok.....
That worked great..... she seems happier.. hopefully she'll make it, seems weak........... thank you tricia for advice

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